‘Friendship and family creates elements yet to be defined…’

*** My friend Hannah. My friend Hannah is my sister in laws sister. My friend Hannah loves the same music as me. My friend Hannah is one of the bonus sister in laws I got, when my brother married Hannah’s sister. My friend Hannah, is my sister. My friend Hannah has MS & Parkinson’s -... Continue Reading →

All I needed was the last thing I wanted…

The shame of not working. For whatever reason, where has acquired ‘shame’ come from? From within you? society? That there is this ideology that you possibly cannot contribute to society unless you are working. I have soon come to realise and accept a person’s value isn’t dependent on how much they contribute to the economy,... Continue Reading →

Who are you…?

Do you ever just not know who you are? Everybody leads a different life, and for various different reasons. Have you ever got lost to find your way? I know I have. Some people have lived the same life with the same routines, responsibilities etc. for years and haven’t really known any different, whilst holding... Continue Reading →

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