Splish splash, I was takin’ a bath…

I have been waiting for my bathroom to be converted into a wet room, or at the very least have the bath ripped out and a stand-alone shower to be put in its place since my application for a Disability Facilities Grant (DFG) last October (2019) following my relapse. There is usually around a 6... Continue Reading →

On the road again…

I absolutely love travelling, seeing the world, experiencing and learning from different people and cultures. It’s a passion that I hold dear to my heart, and I aim to visit all 195 countries before I join the gig in the sky. However, this piece brings me a bit closer to home as I talk about... Continue Reading →

Carers Week 8-14 June 2020

Being a carer comes in many forms. Some individuals wouldn’t even consider themselves a carer. In essence, if you provide support for someone who cannot otherwise cope – you are a carer, irrespective of whether it is ongoing, ad-hoc, or recovery from an injury/illness/addiction etc – it is care. Care that someone is providing for... Continue Reading →

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