‘Friendship and family creates elements yet to be defined…’


My friend Hannah.

My friend Hannah is my sister in laws sister.

My friend Hannah loves the same music as me.

My friend Hannah is one of the bonus sister in laws I got, when my brother married Hannah’s sister.

My friend Hannah, is my sister.

My friend Hannah has MS & Parkinson’s – which truly is a minor detail of who she is.

My bonus sister in law Hannah orders jäger Bombs with me every time we go out.

My gal Hannah, rode a mobility scooter and made me cry with laughter when she got stuck in gravel.

My sister in law, has an incurable disease. But fights my corner when ever I need her.

My Hannah has let me test drive her mobility scooter just so she could laugh at me on it.

My friend, my bonus sister in law and my friend, fights everyday. 


There’s so much I can tell you about Hannah. Some stuff needs a 9pm watershed! But know this, we are all made from the same stuff. But friendship and family creates elements yet to be defined. The laughs, the hugs (though I limit them), the tears and the wine…define true memories. I am incredibly lucky to experience Hannah and to have learned about MS from her.


We all need a Hannah

Piece written by Vikki Lewis, 2021


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