Carers Week 8-14 June 2020

Being a carer comes in many forms. Some individuals wouldn’t even consider themselves a carer. In essence, if you provide support for someone who cannot otherwise cope – you are a carer, irrespective of whether it is ongoing, ad-hoc, or recovery from an injury/illness/addiction etc – it is care. Care that someone is providing for someone else whether or not if it is their profession, a friend, family member; paid, or unpaid.

I have always acknowledged and promoted carers week in recent years, and this year is no different. I say year, of course being a carer isn’t a yearly one-time event as it is happening around us 24/7; but the acknowledgement, understanding, recognition, and appreciation for these incredible people needs the awareness it deserves. Every act of caring matters and contributes to making this world a better place, and whist carers provide many with vital support it is important to recognise that carers themselves need access to resources, help, and support, also.

Over the years I have received care in many forms. Personal care with being bathed as well as assistance with getting in/out of said bath. I have been supported with going up/down the stairs, getting out of chairs, and walking in general. I have had to use catheters and required support with using them. I have required assistance with food shopping due to the utter confusion and being overwhelmed with my at times vulnerability when it comes to thinking for myself. Meals being cooked for me. Food needing to be cut up for me whilst out in restaurants. Eyebrows plucked (and at times the lady tash – admit it girls, we all have a few unwanted facial hairs). When I go through quite a vigorous treatment such as Lemtrada which is coming up again this summer (and hopefully for the last time!), I need support and assistance before, during, and after the infusions, and as a result I cannot be living on my own for that week, especially.

Without the care that I have received, and continue to require at times from various friends, family members, medical professionals, and the acts of selfless strangers I would not be able to lead a as healthy and fulfilled life that I do. As such, the carers providing this for myself and many others need to receive and access the support they require. Below are a few links on various organisations for you all to get stuck into;

Remain incredible and look after yourselves, each and every single one of you.

Thank you.

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