Stockholm Syndrome…

Whenever I feel a bit overwhelmed mental health wise, I have over the years learnt to adopt many distraction tactics and mindfulness activities. I woke up this morning feeling a bit blurgh; yet another day of lockdown restrictions, another day of what is becoming my/our ‘new normal’, which is something that I DO NOT want to get too accustomed too. As I am sure, like the world over, we all want many, many aspects of our pre lockdown/coronavirus life back, which yes WILL return but it’s OK to have a few emotional bumps along the way.

Anyways, today’s distraction task was pimping my bathroom tiles out. I personally think that I have added a good tenner onto the value of the flat when it comes to sellling. I suppose I need to thank lockdown ‘blurgh’ness’ as this task was definately a long time coming – but this is the ONLY time that I will be thanking you, you arsehole. Enjoy your 5 mins.
***I also baked some cookies, which are rather epic to be honest.


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