When 2 becomes 1…


Derived from my bout of optic neuritis from the relapse that lead to my diagnosis over 7 years ago; my eyes have never been able to fully recover, and the lasting damage? Double vision. Double vision (Diplopia) is usually one of the first MS symptoms many people encounter, and if it isn’t, then the fun and games of the most pain in the utter arse symptom is up there in the top 3. Whilst my vision is near enough 20/20, it’s the nerves that control my eyes that are damaged and I require prisms to align my vision back into a single image.

When I exert myself physically, that’s when the double vision gets too much at times (even with glasses on), and that’s when you will see me with one eye closed to get that single image. Like I said, my vision is near enough 20/20, so I can see absolutely perfectly with either eye closed and yes, I have worn an eye patch in an attempt to rectify the problem when I didn’t know what the hell was going on at the beginning of this journey. I honestly felt like I was slowly falling apart attempting to carry on with my life going to work etc with an eye patch, amongst all of the other symptoms that I had absolutely no answers for when anyone asked what the hell was going on with me – you can find a previous blog post on this HERE.

I like to think that I have been pretty ‘lucky’ for the past 7 years with my eyes, in that the prism strength hasn’t changed and the double vision hasn’t got any worse – YAY (I think?). Well that triumph ended with this recent relapse didn’t it – NO YAY (no thinking). Absolutely sick and tired of walking around with an eye closed or just ‘putting up’ with the worsening double vision that even my poor prisms couldn’t handle, hoping that it wouldn’t last, off I shuffled to Specsavers (other opticians are available). I knew before going in that I would be coming out with a new prescription from this eye test, but not for 4 x THE STRENGTH I had previously (LOL). The optician asked how I have been coping with the drastic change, to which was just a standard reply that I have now scripted over the past 7 years ‘I soon adapt and work it out’ (meaning closing one eye and just getting used to seeing double whilst popping ibuprofen for the constant headache).

Now, for what I went through during this eye test can only be described as a full blown acid trip. I have never done the stuff, but I feel that this is what the experience would be like and I have clearly missed out (LOL). Like with any other eye test you sit there, read the smallest letters that you can see, say which of the two images look clearer (I swear that they are the same half the time to catch out any fraudsters), say when an image reaches the dot in the middle, and other randomness that I forget now. Considering that I see double, and obviously can’t wear my glasses (for all the good they were doing) or close one eye during the test, it was nothing short of a Saturday night out on the town (tripping on acid, apparently), especially with the image meeting the dot in the middle test. I was seeing two images for a start and couldn’t figure out which one I was to focus on, they were nowhere near the two dots that I was seeing, the images would move about when I blinked, the optician kept changing the lens asking ‘is it one image and centre now?’, and finally on what felt like the 100th lens I could see a clear image in the middle of that damn bullseye!

Another symptom managed. Hannah 1 – Relapse 0

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